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Starting in August, 2012 the American Energy Alliance launched a three month bus tour across the country, traveling to 17 states and over 50 events. We met thousands of hardworking Americans, families, and communities who are all dedicated to building a brighter energy future for America. From the gas in your tank to the plastics use to build your computers, our economy and our modern way of life is fueled by affordable energy from oil, natural gas, and coal. Join our community of activists and fight to keep America's economy alive.

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The bus is resting in Alabama

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Sign the Bus

As the “American Products and Power” tour crosses the country, we’re asking Americans to sign the bus in support of energy production, manufacturing jobs, and economic growth. If you can’t sign the bus on the road, sign the virtual bus below!

When we roll back into D.C., the American Energy Alliance will deliver your signature to Congress to demonstrate that real Americans support American Products. American Power.

Products and Power Tour

Don't miss your chance to take action and join the nearly 15,000 Americans who have already signed the petition to lawmakers and regulators in Washington. Sign the bus to the left or send us a text!

If you missed seeing the bus on the road this summer, you still have the opportunity to text ENERGY to 58124 to pledge your support for energy production and manufacturing jobs. Be sure to pull out your phone now to send a strong message to Washington that affordable and reliable energy matters!

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Current Location:

The bus tour has officially wrapped up! Look for more stories from the road as we take a look back at the past 3 months of traveling the country and talking to Americans about the importance of affordable, reliable energy.

Future Stops

Our next stop is to continue to educate people about the regulatory tidal wave that is washing away our economy. We've already collected 15,000 signatures with the bus tour this summer and fall!

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